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Mrs. Gersho

Room 13 is recycling markers. . . .
Room 13 is recycling markers. . . .
  • 5/31 Last Day (Minimum Day)
  • 6/3-8/12 Summer Break
Strrrrrretch your thinking. . . .
(want to push yourself with brainiac or extra credit?)

Extend classroom learning a bit further w/these ideas

  • paragraph on a topic in class we are learning about
  • opinion writing on a topic you are passionate about
  • create your own slide show on ANY topic you are passionate about to share in class
  • share a great book you are reading and recommend it
  • teach us something you are skilled at, or know a great deal about
  • make a short video about something you are excited about and would like to share
  • check w/Mrs. Gersho for the MANY ways you can EXTEND your thinking!

Calling all readers! Calling all readers!

Anytime you EVER want to buy books simply click on the Scholastic link and use our class code: HB8YL.  Feel free, and order away!


I have lived in Danville for seventeen years and lived in the Bay Area most of my life.  I live at home w/my husband Brian, and two children Emma and Max. We just got a new puppy and her name is, Lucie.  Emma is off to University of Oregon this fall and Max  is a junior at  SRVHS.  In my free time I love to read, write stories and escape up to the mountains.  We have a tiny little cabin in the low sierras and it brings me SO much peace. This picture is taken right off highway four. I guess our smiles say it all!

Room 13 says. . .
Room 13 says. . .
Curiosity. . .
Curiosity. . .
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. Albert Einstein
Room 13 has the WRITE stuff!
Room 13 has the WRITE stuff!

Great writers are always writing. . .

Room 13 authors know that one never knows when a writing idea might hit them.  Whether one might be on a walk, at lunch, w/a friend or even going to bed a tiny note pad nearby at all times provides the perfect place to jot down ideas for possible stories.  Authors know ANY kind of writing makes their writing skills even sharper such as:

  • lists
  • notes
  • stories
  • letters
  • texts
  • emails
  • recipes
  • essays
  • plays
  • poems
  • post-its
  • reports
Hellooooooo Fourth Grade- but first. . . .
Hellooooooo Fourth Grade- but first. . . .
Where can you find math?
Where can you find math?

Everyday activities that use math. . .

Even with your busy schedule you and your third grader can easily find some extra time to squeeze in a little mathematical fun in your everyday lives.

  • skip counting
  • on the spot story problems
  • a trip to the store (calculate as you go)
  • reading store receipts (total up-mental math)
  • trips to gas station (calculate)
  • things that come in groups (kitchen)
  • sports (share and explain statistics)
  • sorting change
  • cooking
Literacy tips14085442048845.jpg

Welcome to 3rd Grade in Room 13!

Welcome to Room 13's webpage!  Please use this website to clue into all the happenings, thoughts and inner workings of our classroom this year.  Check back daily or from time time to catch up with all the excitement in our room.  Thanks for stopping by!


Homework Tips

Homework will be sent home everyday in your child's red homework folder.  Check your child's red folder for occasional assignments and important notes.  Homework should be completed in pencil unless directions ask for other materials.  Tasks are easiest to accomplish when tied with specific routines.  By establishing daily routines for homework completion, you will not only make homework go smoothly, but you will foster a sense of order that your child can utilize lifelong.

  • Find a location where homework can be done (a quiet place away from noise).
  • Set up a homework center (quiet space with supplies).
  • Establish a consistent homework time (pick a time that is right for your third grader and family-and keep that daily time).
images womens history.jpg
We love our Morning Meetings. . . .
We love our Morning Meetings. . . .

Morning Meetings (A great way to start our day. . . )

  • sets the tone & climate for the day
  • establishes a climate of trust
  • makes us feel signifigant
  • creates empathy and encourages community
  • supports social, emotional and academic learning


keep calmdtg-kc-3g.jpg
    If you are so inclined. . . .
    If you are so inclined. . . .
    • Kleenex
    • Antibacterial Wash
    • Post Its
    Educational Bay Area Trips W/Your Family
     Educational Bay Area Trips W/Your Family

    Fun trips in your very backyard. . ..

    • Lawrence Hall of Science  (math-science-Berk.)
    • Mt. Diablo State Park
    • SRV Museum
    • Alamo Cemetery (local history)
    • Lindsay Wildlife Museum
    • Oakland Zoo
    • Muir Woods
    • Chabot Space and Science Center
    • Bay Area Discovery Museum
    • Exploratorium (SF)
    • Academy of Arts and Sciences (SF)
    • Angel and Alcatraz Island (SF)

    Star Homework Is:

    • Letter to Mrs G
    • Math (Workbook page-SuperSpeed Math-online math)
    • Word Study




    ** Everyone must do two stars (including reading) extra stars can earn us a bonus recess

    Current Assignments
    Have you looked at the moon lately?
    Have you looked at the moon lately?
    make predictions7cbf20cc907501956c11504ded687b6b.jpg
    Top Ten Benefits of Reading:
    Great Readers

    1. Children who read often only get better at it.

    2. Reading exercises our brains.

    3. Reading improves concentration.

    4. Reading teaches children about the world around them.

    5. Reading improves a child's vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills.

    6. Reading develops a child's imagination.

    7. Reading helps kids develop empathy.

    8. Children who read do better at school.

    9. Reading is FUN!

    10. Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind.


    So? What are you waiting for?!

    Current Assignments
    Plastic Bags in Ireland
    Plastic Bags in Ireland

    Will my plastic bag be here in 2512?

    Did you know plastic bags take almost 500 years to decompose? In Ireland these bags are charged for in stores so now they are practically non-existant.  What can you do to stop the Great Pacific Garbage Dump from growing?

    We Are What We Do. . . .
    We Are What We Do. . . .
    Fun w/selection in science. . .
    Fun w/selection in science. . .