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Paula Blanc

Have a Great Summer!

Have a fantastic and restful summer! Keep working on those math facts, and use applications in your portal.

See you in August!

Welcome to Room 24

Welcome to Room 24. Each child is different with individual learning styles and needs…these will be highly valued within my classroom. My classroom is full of structure, expectations, learning, and fun!

I have been an elementary school teacher for 20 years and have NEVER wanted to do anything else. I have been married for 14 years and have 3 amazing children. Isabella is going into 7th grade, Breanna is going into 5th grade, and 

Deric is going into 3rd grade

When I’m not at school you can find me at the soccer fields watching Bella, or at the football and baseball fields watching Deric. If I’m not out at a field, I am the gym watching Breanna cheer or do gymnastics.  I am a HUGE 49er fan and my husband, Eric, is a die-hard Raider fan. Most of all I am excited to get the school year started and begin the journey of fabulous 4th grade curriculum with your child.

Be Kind!
Be Kind!



Room 24 Head Coach Information

Mickey Football.gif 



Drafted to National Teaching League in 1999

 Married 2005

Two daughters and one son

Favorite color: Red

Favorite football team: San Francisco 49ers

Favorite basketball team: Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite baseball team: San Francisco Giants 

“Math facts are to math, what sight words are to reading!”

Upcoming Gameday Activities and Events

Please refer to Weekly Emails for all upcoming events and all classroom activities!

Student Rubric for Self-Assessment

Rate Your Reading Habits

1 STAR:  I read books. I read less than 10 pages. I get distracted some times.

2 STARS: I read books that I am interested in. I read between 10-20 pages.

3 STARS: I read books that are recommended to me. I read more than 20 pages when I sit and read.

4 STARS: I read books to learn and think about myself and the world. I read more than 30 pages when I sit. I read for more than 45 minutes a day.

Questions to Ask Myself and Others

  1. How much do you read at school? Why
  2. How much do you read at home? Why
  3. Do you ever try and finish a book regardless of time? What was the last book?
  4. Do you set goals for how much you will read to challenge yourself? If you were, what kind of goal would that be?
  5. When you read, what are you trying to figure out or study?
  6. How do you know when to stop and write? What do you write?
  7. How do you push your thinking? If you were to push yourself, what ways could you challenge yourself as a thinker?

Book Orders

There are a bunch of different catalogs; even e-books to check out. Please remember that online orders are only accepted. NO CASH or CHECKS PLEASE!

Web address:
Class Activation Code: GM6GJ 


PQ = DOUBLE GREEN          


TUV = DOUBLE BLACK          



The Home Team
The Home Team
Dress Code

 Having two daughters and a son, I know how difficult it is to find things that follow the code sometimes.

  • Shorts above mid-thigh and cut-off shorts are not allowed
  • Halter, netted tops or midriff shirts are not allowed
  • The straps of shirts and dresses must be two-fingers wide; NO spaghetti-strap tank tops or dresses
  • Shoes should be appropriate for playing, running, and PE. Backless shoes, platform shoes, or high heeled shoes are not allowed
  • Hats are encouraged for outdoor protection from the sun, and not to be worn inside the classroom
Teacher Wish List


  • Math Manipulatives from Kim Sutton
    • Double Dice: Item CC1258
    • Triple Dice: Item CC1251 
    • Decahedron Double Dice: Item CC1259 
    • Place Value Dice o-999; Item CC1252 
    • Place Value Dice 0,000-900,000; item CC1271 
    • Place Value Decimal Dice; Item CC1313 
    • Mighty Math CD; Item CC1172
    • Multiplication CD: Item CC1110
    • Bump It! Book; Item CC1319
    • Magic Fingers of Mathematics: Item CC1061 
  • Even Steven and Odd Todd book
  • A plant for the classroom
  • The book Testing Miss Malarkey
  • Target or Michael’s/Joann’s gift cards
  • iTunes cards for classroom iPad apps and e-books
  • Amazon cards to purchase e-books for iPad apps
  • Spiral notebooks, College ruled, 3 hole punch
  • 8 1/2" x 11" colored copier paper (any color)
  • Colored cardstock 8/11
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Kleenex
  • Ticonderoga #2 Pencils
  • Black fine tip sharpie markers
  • Dry erase markers (chisel cut)
  • Baby wipes for cleaning desk tops
Teaching KIds
Teaching KIds
About Mrs. Blanc by her 2018-2019 Students

Get to know Mrs. Blanc in her students words.

20 Minutes a Day!
20 Minutes a Day!
Google Log-in


How Can You Help?
Send your child to school on time and prepared.
Review all school rules with your child.
Sign and promptly return all notes/work to school.
Check email for important information and/or reminders
Check all homework before it’s handed in (name, completed, etc.)
Provide him/her with structure, consistency, expectations and clear guidelines.
Read to him/her and listen to him/her read.
Show interest in your child’s work and activities.
Feel free to let me know about any home situation that may affect your child’s behavior or work.
Give your child chores to develop a sense of responsibility.
Support and praise your child. We can’t expect children to learn if they don’t feel valuable and successful.
Parent Volunteers and Drivers

New Process for School Volunteers and Field Trip Drivers

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is implementing a new system for all adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus, in classrooms or drive and chaperone on field trips.  The new system will allow the District and schools to better track and provide the appropriate level of clearance for volunteers.

There are three levels of clearance:

  • Level  1 – Classroom and other on-campus school volunteers, as well as non-driver chaperones for field trips.  This requires completion of the online application, the viewing of the video shown online and a search of the Sex Offender Registry. Clearance could take up to ten days.
  • Level 2 – Field Trip Drivers – This level also requires the online application, video viewing, and a search will be done of the Sex Offender Registry.  The District will also obtain a driving history for the last ten years from the DMV.  This will also allow the District to be notified any time there is a reportable violation or incident.  Clearance could take 14-21 days.
  • Level 3 – Overnight Chaperones – Background checks will be done on all overnight chaperones which will include clearance through the FBI and the Department of Justice, as well as the requirements from Level 2.   Clearance could take more than 30 days.

To receive more information about the system and get started with the clearance process to be a volunteer or driver, go to  and click the link on the page that says “To begin the application process, click here”.  



Please be sure that if you are bringing your childs lunch to school after school has started to have it on the cart by 12:10.  Students need time to finish their lunches in time for the staff to dismiss for recess so they can play and socialize.

Speak Up Be Safe Safety Rules

Rule 1: It's MY Body

Rule 2: Ask and adult if I'm safe

Rule 3: I have choices

Rule 4: Tell someone

Rule 5: It's NEVER your fault

The Blanc Bunch Blog

8 Mathematical Practices in Kid-Friendly Language


  1. Read and understand the problem.  Keep trying when problems are hard.  Persevere!
  2. Use numbers to explain the story.
  3. Explain your thinking, and why you think it is right.  Listen to others.  Does it make sense?
  4. Think of how you could show your problem with a model.
  5. Pick the best tools to show your thinking.
  6. Be clear and correct with language and mathematics.
  7. Use what you know about how math works to solve the problem. 
  8. Look for and use patterns.
Raz Kids

Feel free to use at home. The teacher ID is pblanc and your child's password is their six-digit number. Happy reading!

Eureka Site for Parent Assistance at Home

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Mrs. Blanc Trivia

My top 3 favorite football players are Jerry Rice, Patrick Willis, and Dwight Clark

2019 Educator of the Year
2019 Educator of the Year